What do you need to do to start getting winnings at a roulette casino?

выиграть в казино на рулетке вечер

Good day to all. This is Anton Rukhlin.

The casino, like a magnet, draws you into the exciting world of excitement and adrenaline. These establishments offer many different gambling games that look naively simple, and, moreover, can be great for entertaining. Depending on the skills of the game, and a certain interest in gambling, you can choose a machine to your liking. Moreover, the amounts vary – from a few cents to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Regardless of the game, your experience, and other nuances, remember one important fact: as long as you play according to the imposed rules of the casino, you will not be able to win. A casino is such a conveyor that transfers money from a player to an owner. In the USA, even those casinos which belong to the government (yes, yes, there are some), will rob you so imperceptibly that you will not notice anything, thinking that this is how it should be.

Therefore, you become a zombie once you play some game, and the person is very likely to return to betting again. But, as paradoxical as it sounds, some are lucky, while others are not. Why is this happening? Is it all about supernatural forces or simple mathematical calculations? Let’s try to understand this and understand what needs to be done, to win at the casino.

How to find a wining strategy?

Many are looking for all sorts of ways to win at the casino. They spend years studying the algorithm of the game and doing the most complex mathematical calculations, trying to understand the sequence of the probability of winning. Unfortunately, mankind has not yet found a universal way by which one could deceive the casino (otherwise, the latter would have gone bankrupt long ago and ceased to exist). But not so sad. There is such a method of “Martingale”, which allows you to significantly increase the chances of winning. It is extremely simple, but requires some effort on your part:

1) Get acquainted with the basics of probability theory,
to learn how to use the Martingale method (since it is based on it).
2) Tune in to the game and be prepared to accept a series of failures with dignity in order to end up with a bigger win.
3) Determine for yourself the desired amount of winnings and strictly adhere to the betting system.

On the way to winning, behind this method there is often a human factor: impatience, uncontrollable passion and weak willpower, along with confidence in your victory.

And so, in order to start constantly winning at the casino, you need to understand the most important essence for yourself: you are a professional, who builds his business on the basis of highly profitable investments on European roulette and the Martingale method (this is doubling the bet after losing) is a dead end.

Consider the example of the simplest game:

Usually bets are placed on either black or red. If after each failure you double the bet, you will still win (compensate for the loss and receive an income rate on top). For example, you start the game with $10. Three bets in a row fail – 10+20+40 = $70. And on the fourth bet, you bet $80 and win, having reimbursed the spent $70 and received $10 profit.

It would seem that everything is so simple that why everyone does not use this method. This is where probability theory comes into play. Statistics suggest that after a certain amount of falling out, for example, red, with a probability of 48% black will fall out. But this is not always the case, and besides, it will take 10 times to play for this. Not everyone is financially secure enough to withstand a tenfold doubling of the bet. The casino is also not a stupid establishment, and allows you to double the bets only up to a certain amount, or a certain number of times.

выиграть в казино на рулетке вечер

The search for a treasured algorithm, method, mechanics, or is it still mathematics?

I call an algorithm a group of numbers that, as it were, crash into memory with the help of repeated repetition to supposedly further confuse the “player” the probability of falling out again, one of the series of the pseudo-random algorithm, is extremely small. But in a casino, such a series of numbers may not be uncommon…

8раз одна дюжина на рнг рулетке

I am sure that many people were convinced of this, and finally, they were convinced that it always takes place… And now to the point: what do we have? A casino that confuses and allows the layman to memorize such combinations. If you are an incruler, you will understand what I mean. And such combinations are knowledge. The only question is whether you have accumulated them or not.

ATTENTION! Anyone who wants to satisfy their passion, this topic will not be interesting!

My site will be attractive only to those who want to pull out relatively small amounts from the casino pool, and decent enough money for ordinary vorgemers. For my great experience in online roulettes, I have collected several huge files with these algorithms and some what cunning programs for non-standard statistics. Among them are several dozen files in electronic form with 100% combinations for several large casinos. At one time I lost a solid amount of money, spent a lot of time and nerves – I do not advise you to experience this, although this was a good lesson for me.

Eventually, I started looking for ways to deal with such fraud and I just wanted to get my money back and the winnings from above.

Just imagine yourself in my place, when the maneuver of the ball is clear from the very beginning, but there was no data on the algorithms of the casino. As a result, I have vast knowledge in the form of several structured data and analytical programs, inspectors. I have been accumulating these databases for 10 years, and even wrote a guide to using them.

все программы и roulette lucker

This is a history of fallouts and a practical guide to recurring situations that are distributed on the network by such people as, for example, Alexei Kaufman, Vitaly Quinstar, Grigory Hoffman, Boris Ruban, etc. For those who are interested, first I’m waiting for you in a conversation in correspondence, skype or subscription through the form of this blog (through a personal mailing address). But best of all, I advise you to first take the Beginner Incrouler course, where I demonstrated the free basics for a novice player.

I am very often asked they say: Why don’t you play, why don’t you post it in free access? I will answer: there is a YouTube channel where I show a little, but this knowledge cost me more than 275 thousand rubles. I changed my attitude towards online casinos from hype and attractive to neutral and pacifist. It is more interesting for me to really engage in observations and not to talk about discoveries.

I don’t want to spread the experience stuffed at such a price into access to schoolchildren. For you, this will not be a bad asset with a profit of an ordinary hard worker of 20-30 thousand per month when engaged in vorgeming on an ongoing basis. But I immediately warn you that it will not work to wind up the same money at a time using a complex methodology. Since the roulette will play specifically against you. If you act like an incruler – make bets measuredly, without excitement, without standing out strictly according to the instructions, then everything will work out!

By observing the hidden session, you will not stand out from the crowd of thousands of players, thereby attracting the attention of programs. It operates on the principle: to win at the beginning of the amplitude of fluctuations, to feel the ease of earning money, and then take the winnings and all that is.

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