Basic definitions:

Incrouler – An entrepreneur, an investor operating within the framework of the game, managing his own capital, making online currency bets in European or French online casino roulette.

Bet – Placing a certain number of chips with a total currency value in a specific zone,
section of the online casino roulette table.

Spin – Starts the rotation of the roulette wheel with or without bets. The spin result is a number from 0 (Zero) to 36.

Session – The time interval from the moment the casino program is launched on your PC to the complete exit from the program. There can be several sessions in one casino during the current day of the casino server operation.

Betting system – A set of instructions presented in a tabular form that determines the step-by-step procedure for the encruler in the process of wagering a series.

Series – The stage of work with the selected betting system and a specific game combination of bets.

Game combination – A combination of 2, 3 or more roulette objects, on which it is possible to bet online,
used in the series. The current game combination is a combination selected and fixed by the spinner from systems and progressions.

Casino Server – A hardware and software system that ensures the full functioning of an online casino and, most importantly for us,
generating the so-called pseudo-random sequence of numbers (PSCH) according to a certain algorithm and able to activate countermeasure algorithms (hereinafter – AP) …

Methods, systems and conditions of the strategy

“Everyone who plays roulette has a method, not everyone has a system.” Let’s clean up the various terminologies.

Graphically, the structure of bets in roulette and their classification on the site correspond to a certain pattern.

Every decision (personal and subjective) changes the style of the game and therefore
final result. In the accepted classification, which is illustrated in the diagram, we have broken down the various phases of the game into actions that correspond to the player’s decisions.

Since roulette is a game that gives an immediate result on every hit, each method should be considered as a separate bet against the house.

A structured set of different “bets” and their associated betting rules form the system.

A game
The game is a collection of different systems and / or methods of play, limited by cash or time limits.

Combination selection
A set of combinations that are introduced into the game.

Choice of attack
When is determined when to bet.
financial maneuver
Decisions regarding the number of chips for each individual attack

Conditions and variables
Additional scores on the choice of attack or combinations for the game

Time / beats
Limiting the number of attacks tied to duration

Stop win and Stop Loss
Limitation of attacks related to the balance of funds.

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