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Then register in our affiliate program and get 50% from every sale of the Roulette Lucker Pro program. Recommend it and instantly withdraw more than 1000 rubles of real money to your wallet!!!

I’ll tell you honestly right away, as a developer, I also earn a little here (you can even do better than me, since I, in part,
I don’t promote my site.

Registration in the affiliate program.

Before registering in our affiliate program, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the terms of participation in it:

1. The identification of the partner of the brought buyer is determined using cookies and the serial number of the program,
which is inserted into the links to the site available in the program (that is, after the person who downloaded the program goes from it to the payment or help section, the serial number of his copy of the program will be compared to your partner code and after paying for the program, you will receive a percentage of the sale to your account) .
If the use of cookies is disabled in the buyer’s browser, then the affiliate link does not work. Such cases are extremely rare, since cookies are enabled in browsers by default and few people change this setting, so in more than 90% of cases, matching a buyer to a partner occurs without problems.
We offer you to put up with the remaining 10% as “natural losses” – they are in any trade relationship.

2. To access the member’s account, 10-digit, alphanumeric, randomly generated Login (hereinafter ID) and password are used, which are almost impossible to guess,
therefore, their receipt by third parties is possible primarily through your fault and we are not responsible for the actions of these third parties – all we can do is change the ID and password upon request from the address specified during registration.

3. From each purchase made by the buyer you attracted, you will receive 2125 rubles. and 425 rubles. from the purchase
committed by a buyer attracted by your referral (a partner attracted by you).

4. The e-mail address specified during registration can be changed only by sending an application (in any form, but be sure to indicate your ID and password) by mail from this address.

5. It is not allowed to use email SPAM,
as well as mass mailing messages in social networks and forums. Posts/topics in forums and blogs are allowed unless their owners forbid it. Otherwise, it will be regarded as SPAM and the account of the partner caught in such actions will be blocked, without payment of the remuneration earned in this way.

Payments are made in a system convenient for you. Payouts can also be made in other ways in cryptocurrencies (including to a phone account, payment, etc.), but in this case you must contact by e-mail with your payout option.

Here’s what the checkout page looks like:


партнёрка оплата


Pretty good design with many connected payment systems. Agree? There are also bank cards and various types of electronic money, which undoubtedly gives an advantage for payment not only to our Russian-speaking users, but also to foreign agents.

Previously, this affiliate program was on the E-autopay service,
which took a fee for the content of the product, so we had to minimize the cost of maintaining the project by switching to another service (Glopart) in order to avoid the ever-growing voracity of other developers.

Take a look at these old screenshots from the E-autopay service. There I had about 3 –
4 sales per month with a program price of 1000 rubles:


Партнерка для рулетки?

Well, in my opinion, it’s not bad for a person who does not promote the site in search engines and does not use any teaser or line advertising on the Internet.

партнёрка roulette lucker

And now take a look at the new Glopart affiliate program, in which the price for the program has increased, but the sales have actually fallen a little:


данные по glopart

The affiliate program has two levels. This means that you can earn not only on the clients you attracted, but also on the partners you attracted!

It is enough to invite a partner once, and you will constantly earn on his sales.


промо материалы для продажи программы


If you are already registered in the affiliate program, you can go to your personal account and see the conversion statistics and your affiliate links.

Register in this affiliate program, place the link on your website, or in your mailing list, or leave the link in a message on the forum, or send it on request in a private message,
or friends in classmates, Vkontakte, Facebook (in general, this is a matter of your imagination) and get money from every buyer who comes to my site using your link.

After the visitor who came to the site through this link makes a purchase (even after six months), 500 rubles will be added to your account in the program, which, according to your order,
within 3-5 days, will be transferred to your account in the payment system. Be it WebMoney, VISA, Yumani, Qiwi, etc. The minimum withdrawal amount is 500 rubles. displayed upon purchase of the utility by your partner.

And one more good news! Often,
users, when they see the referral code in the link line, remove it from it (well, this is how our person works – he doesn’t want others to earn on it, even if it costs him nothing). My affiliate program uses links of both the GET type (with the partner code in the link line) and the POST type,
that is, you can use the request form as a link, where the code is passed as invisible parameters and cannot be removed.

To register in the affiliate program, you only need an email address,
and to receive money, you simply need to transfer money from an account from any payment system to one of the more suitable payment systems (Qiwi, YaYumani, VISA and Master Card, etc., or withdraw it to a bank account). Payments can be made in another way (including to the phone account, Internet payment, etc.),
but in this case, you must contact by e-mail and offer your payout option.


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