In order to get acquainted with the interface you can watch the video demonstration. In addition, the program has a few buttons with tooltips (buttons with ‘?’), And on this page you can find a brief guide.

First, you need to follow three basic rules:
– You should only play in European roulette (single zero) or no zero roulette, and no commission;
– Never take a bonus in the casino, because in order to play any luck they will not suffice. This rule does not apply to no deposit bonuses – it is worth taking, because you nothing to lose and a chance to win them back with this program, 1 of 7;
– Do not play for a long time in a single casino, and it is advisable not to return after the withdrawal of money.

The most important point – the choice of casinos. The main criterion is the betting limit – about it in the Help topic “Mode“. In addition, it is advisable to play at the casino with the honesty control. In the program there is a list of casinos and you can just select a casino from the list to go to the website of the casino.

Certainly do not need to be limited to this list. Desirable to change the casinos as often as possible, because after one or two wins a casino can change the algorithm for a particular player (this is not proven, but it is a very common opinion).

Help on the interface of the program “Roulette Lucker”

Manage the deployment of the program window.
Account balance and the mode (read necessary).
Enter the numbers dropped.
Clear history.
Option “Not calculation”.
Bet amount and lack of funds (read necessary).

Manage the deployment of the program window.

The program window always on top of other windows to show it simultaneously with the window roulette. Due to the fact that the interface is maximally simplified, it covers only a small portion of the screen. To place it in the most convenient for you, just drag the window.

Account balance and the mode (read necessary).

Initially working with the program, type the amount that you have on your casino account in the field “Account balance” . Also, specify the minimum bet per line (six numbers) in dollars (or euros). The field “Account balance” is needed to ensure that the program can determine the size of the maximum possible bet. Subsequently, this value is changed automatically. But if in the course of the game value of the field “Account balance” will not match the amount of money in your account at the casino (due to the fact that the number entered incorrectly, or not enough funds for the recommended bet), it is necessary again to change the value of this field manually.

When you select mode are important two criteria:
– The maximum possible amount that can be put on the column (including a of bets on every pair and every number in the column)
– The maximum permitted bet for a table (in many casinos there). If this bet is less than the maximum amount that can be put on the column, then use this bet.

For casinos that are recommended in the program, it is automatically controlled, for example, in Va-Bank program is not will play a in a mode more than “0.05 / 0.10” and will recommend mode no more than “0.02 / 0.05”, because the maximum permitted bet by the casino on the table $ 10 (this maximum is on the low limits, and game on middle limits entirely disadvantageous, because of the small difference between the minimum and maximum rate). So the beginning is better to play in these casinos.

Select “Mode” – in accordance with the table (of this parameter depends the recommended minimum balance and the rate of increase of money in the account balance):
– “0.01 / 0.01” – max bet $ 4, minimum amount of account $ 7, increase in the money 0,5-1.5 $ per hour (200 spins);
– “0.01 / 0.02” – max bet $ 7, minimum amount of account $ 10, increase of money in the $ 1-2 per hour (200 spins);
– “0.02 / 0.05” – max bet $ 10, minimum amount of account $ 20 increase in the money 2 – $ 5 per hour (200 spins);
– “0.05 / 0.10” – max bet $ 20, minimum amount of account $ 40, increase in the money 4 -10 $ per hour (200 spins);
– “0.10 / 0.20” – max bet $ 40, minimum amount of account $ 80, increase in the money $ 8-20 per hour (200 spins);
– “0.25 / 0.50” – max bet $ 100, minimum amount of account $ 200, increase in the money $ 20-50 per hour (200 spins);
– “1.0 / 2.0” – max bet $ 400, minimum amount of account $ 600, increase in the money $ 50-150 per hour (200 spins);
– “2.0 / 5.0” – max bet $ 1,000, minimum amount of account $ 2,000, increase in the money $ 200-500 per hour (200 spins).

Enter the numbers dropped.

Dropped numbers enter in the box under “Enter a number”. Also you can click the button beside the field then you can just click on the number in drop down list. If you often make mistakes when you press the numbers in the drop-down list, you can uncheck “In one click”. In this case, after selecting the number will need to have to click “Calculation”.
You can cancel only the last entered number.

Clear history.

Before the game, clean the history. Otherwise it will be used statistics from the previous game.

Option “Not calculation”

Checkbox “Not calculation” is needed in order to be able to enter a few numbers that do not need to bet – in many casinos give preliminary statistics of the 10 numbers that can be used for the collection of statistics in the program. To do this, check “Not calculation”, enter the nine numbers, and before entering the tenth uncheck this.

Bet amount and lack of funds (read necessary).

For the “streets” (three numbers in a row) and “line” (two rows of three numbers) bets are made for each line of the street or near the a field in which you specify an appropriate range of numbers. For the “columns” (12 numbers in one column) use a special way to bet – this is due to the fact that the minimum bet on column is usually much greater than the minimum bet on pair. So, if you can not put the required amount on column, it can be divided and put on six pair in this column. That is, when the program indicated the column “1-34” and the bet “6 x 0.01” but the minimum bet 0.25 on column, you can put six bets – on each pair in a column for $ 0.01 (in this example, a pairs of 1/5 8/11 14/17 20/23 26/29 32/35).

If you have reached maximum bet allowed by the casino for a given combination, you can increase your bet by distribution betting on the of combinations containing smaller quantity of numbers, and contained in the necessary combination – for example, for “lines” the maximum allowable bet $ 2, but the need to bet $ 4, in this case, bet may be made on each of the six numbers of the “line” of $0.75.

If a player is not lucky, and money in the account will not be enough to deliver the required amount, the program offers to stop the current game and either pick up the remainder, or make deposit, or choose to play on lower mode. If the balance of money in the account for you does not matter, you can bet all that was left in the account at the same combinations that are placed before this. In this case, you determine how much to bet based on the balance of the money. The only advice – if the stakes were on few variants (eg, column, and the street), then you needed bet on few variants, but do not pick one.

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