Step-by-step instructions for raising money, as well as earning permanent royalties using the Roulette Lucker program.


I’ll clarify right away – in the article I cite my personal experience of making money on my own website using the Roulette Lucker Pro affiliate program, but you will receive 50% of the sale, i.e. we actually share the profit with you in half. For those who don’t know what an affiliate program is, I clarify – this definition means a cooperation agreement with a company that it will pay you a certain percentage of the order of customers that you directly agitate. For example, a person, on your recommendation, went to play in a casino and spent 1,000 US dollars there. So here it is
500 of them are yours (the same 50% of income). This is the typical affiliate program that we will talk about.


The rulettehelper.net affiliate program maintains strict confidentiality and no one will ever, under any circumstances, know that it is you who bring people to the link posted on your site. Naturally, in the event that you yourself do not talk about that you use the program to earn money at the casino (meaning to talk about it, naming your personal data).

Prospects for cooperation with the online project RULETEHELPER.NET, ruining the casino. What is attractive about the earning program in it?

Please note that in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, gambling is prohibited, and in any form, both offline and online. In principle, I have been doing this business for more than ten years and so far I have not received any questions from anyone, so all these prohibitions can be considered very conditional. However, they played to us, Internet entrepreneurs-developers, on hand – the entire gambling business has moved to the network and is ready to pay solid “kickbacks” for attracted customers.

I repeat – an affiliate program for roulette and other gambling is the most profitable of all currently existing. The only point is if you administer some important and authoritative resource,
then you should not try to make money on it with the help of the rulettehelper.net affiliate program advertising roulette software. There are many other interesting ways that are relevant in such cases, which I will discuss a little later in the article.

What is needed in order to realize the desired passive income on the affiliate program RULETTEHELPER.NET?

It is logical to assume that in order to make money on your site through an affiliate program for roulette rulettehelper.net, you must take into account some points:

1. Having your own website (however, this is not necessary, it is enough to have accounts in social networks or on forums to distribute this product);

2. Connection to RULETTEHELPER.NET partner program

3.At the same time, it is not necessary to buy a program for roulette.

Regarding the site and its characteristics.


In principle, any is suitable, but it is best if it is a site for funny videos, computer games, or topics related to making money on the Internet. In principle, traffic from ADULT is also suitable – a site (for adults, I mean) – casino owners do not care at all, from where the client will come to them – if only he spends money. Personally, my site was about making money on the Internet – traffic (visitors) fell like crazy, contrary to my initial warnings. The only thing is that your site must be indexed by search engines and be in the top of the results for key queries. Otherwise, there is no hope for normal traffic.


Everything is very simple here – the more a person visits your Internet resource, the higher the likelihood that a link will be made and the visitor will turn into a casino client who will spend money there. Particularly stringent requirements in relation to the web In terms of attendance, the partner program of the roulette analyzer does not provide resources. This is not contextual advertising, and not teasers, where it is almost impossible for young sites to get.

Registration in the affiliate program RULETTEHELPER.NET.

Everything is very simple. Follow the link – https://rulettehelper.net/partners ,
register and confirm your consent to participate.

makemoney rulettehelper

Nothing complicated.

makemoney promo material

roceed as shown in the picture above. Where you just have to wait for confirmation of registration (via mail) and start earning money.

Algorithm of actions necessary to achieve success in the casino earnings program.

So, I tell you in order all my actions, warning you against the mistakes that I myself made. Now let’s move on to the very essence – the exciting part – the income from the rulettehelper.net project. I want to say right away that I don’t promise you huge jackpots, because I myself am not yet an experienced webmaster and I can’t provide particularly high traffic to my site, but I already receive a stable income thanks to this affiliate program. Notice thanks to my own partner program, which I wish you the same! Contextual advertising, sold links, teasers and other affiliate programs cannot be compared with the affiliate program from the sale of Roulette Lucker Pro roulette software!

It is also very easy to receive payments – you indicate your webmoney wallet (dollar), you get a refusal “green”. Then, with the help of the webmoney service, you change the “Franklins” to the domestic currency and display it on the card. Everything is beautiful.

In order to convince you that this is all real, here are a few screenshots (I will shade personal data for security reasons):

programm roulette

Yes, the money is not that big, but I think that now a salary of 1000 USD Few people can boast in a month, so go ahead – go for it, the casino pays, moreover, reliably, honestly and stably.

Typical mistakes of novice participants in the program of earnings on the affiliate program “Roulette Lucker Pro

Many smart people advise creating thousands of HSs (websites, that do not have their own useful content) and put affiliate links to the casino on them. Nothing will work – now search engines instantly recognize such sites and kick them out of the search. After that, the site can be considered “dead”.

In addition, do not engage in spam mailings – for this you can lose the trust of a partner. What can be said about the affiliate program rulettehelper.net in addition?

Initially, I created my website in order to teach other people how to make money by ruining a casino. However, here a fiasco awaited me – either the people were not like that, or I didn’t explain well, but the result was disappointing. A large number of people registered but none of my referrals have achieved much success. Accordingly, my income from all these areas also left much to be desired. Contextual advertising – gave good turnover, for one withdrawal, 150-250 rubles per month was enough for promotion.

As soon as I wrote a couple of articles, posted them on a contextual site, then about how you can earn money not only by beating roulette, but also getting good dividends from the sales of the Roulette Lucker Pro program on a full liability, things immediately went uphill. He promised everyone mountains of gold in ads, made integration with the YouTube channel (someone else’s),
where a person talks about how he “beats” the casino every day – and then it started!

Such is our people, there is nothing to be done. Everyone wants to make money without doing anything. Although many come in and just play in the casino, knowing full well that the chances of actually winning something without a program in any gambling house are extremely small. By the way, now some developers have made demo versions of gambling, there is no need to replenish the account, but it is not possible to win either. But this feature really helps to “draw in” people. Moreover, now programs for playing in the casino have become even more accessible – mobile versions have already been invented. And another tip – to support your site, create several communities in different social networks – Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and Facebook, for example. This will help in attracting additional traffic.

An income option that can be implemented in parallel with an affiliate program from a casino. To receive income from the affiliate program from the Roulette Lucker Pro program, it will be enough for you to use 1-2 banners on the site, this will be enough. There is still a lot of free space and it can be used to good use. And the Profitcentr advertising exchange will help you with this.

Why exactly, because there are many similar services?

I explain why I started working with this exchange:

1. The main reason is banal – only it accepted my young site with low traffic. Yandex Direct did not even consider my resource, Google Adsense did the same.

2. There was not enough traffic to place teasers from “Teasernet“;

3. The legendary “Sapa“, which now places banners, pays a penny. As well as for the sold links.

Therefore, I decided to work with “Profitcentr“, where an excellent profit from sales began to come. 2-3 sales per month (1500-3000 rubles) is relatively good money!

makemoney rulettehelper

Step-by-step instructions for raising money with the help of the project.

1. Register the site in the system, specify the characteristics;

2. We drive in the amount of 0.70 kopecks. in the field “Cost per click”;

3. Then the system will do EVERYTHING for you (just like in the case of an affiliate program);

4. Visitors will click on an ad, and you will receive customers for this. The essence of the affiliate program is only that you will receive a material reward depending on whether the user who clicked on your advertisement spends money on the purchase of the Roulette Lucker Pro program or not. This is the whole benefit for the webmaster, that is, you. In total, you get a good additional income to the affiliate program from those casinos that you advertise in your other ads!


On your site, you can combine several types of earnings. Affiliate program from the casino, the RULETTEHELPER.NET project, advertising exchange and roulette mining using the Roulette Lucker Pro utility itself – a profitable combination!

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