Roulette strategy.

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There is no way to beat this devil’s wheel. Different players and scientists from all over the world worked on creating the ideal strategy. So far, none of them has created a single effective scheme. Yes, there are some strategies that increase the chances of success. But none of them gives a complete guarantee of receiving a large amount of money. Since you won’t be able to beat roulette, you should treat it like gambling entertainment. This means that in order to win you need:

  • limit the limit on the game;
  • place bets on reputable sites;
  • choose one of the most effective strategies;
  • test the scheme in demo mode without using real money;
  • forget about looking for patterns.

How to win at roulette according to the strategy?

The most important rule is to enjoy the game. Roulette is an entertainment with a high degree of excitement. It is chosen by the most courageous casino visitors (virtual and real).

If you consider roulette as a way to earn money, losses and losses will become a constant phenomenon. You have to learn to let go. And if the game did not work out from the first minutes, perhaps it makes sense to stop and return to it after a while. This distinguishes an experienced gambler from a beginner. The latter does not know how to catch the moment when luck is on the side of the player.


стратегия игры в рулетку фишки в руках


Is it worth using a strategy in online casino roulette?

Do you use strategies for playing roulette? Nobody forbids doing it. At the very least, this is a good way to diversify entertainment. The gambler stops just making random bets, and closely monitors the game, analyzes it, makes plans, which distracts from everyday problems quite well.

Roulette Strategy: “Eight Streets”

On roulette we make idle spins or skip moves until we see eight straights not dropped out eight times in a row! This is equivalent (with respect to the roulette field – not the track) to four straights drawn 8 times in a row (we look from the Roul Stat 1.092 program).


стратегия 8 стритов в roul stat


Now we bet six chips. Two tokens must cover two sixlines. The remaining four chips complete four straights. At the same time, we cover the straights that fell out not so long ago. Sixlines – on the contrary, fell out the longest.

We do not close only 4 straights dropped out in the last 8 spins.
If zero hits, we continue the count of straights, do not reset. If you lose a spin – double up!
Only 5 spins progression and STOP LOSS!

Progression of total bets per 8 STREETS: 6; 12; 24; 48; 96; 192. Bankroll of at least 378 chips!


roul stat стратегия рулетки


Consider the situation with the loss of numbers using the screenshot as an example. The following sequence of numbers fell out: 14,31,23,4,8,36,21,35,21,10,21,8.

I underlined the last eight numbers not by chance! It was these numbers that concerned only four streets on the field. Look carefully at how the rates are arranged.

Streets, on which the last 8 drawn numbers are located – remained not closed. The recently dropped straights and two cold sixlines were closed.

There are 6 chips in total on the field. Profit with a straight line = 6 chips, with a sixline played – a draw. We repeat the same bet until we get a profit! If it’s a zero or an empty number – double the bets!

The best winning strategy of 2022

Oh yes, you say, this is the very roulette system that really allows you to win at the casino. And not much delving into and not studying the roulette wheel itself (track). It is enough to remember the location of the chips on the field and BINGO.

Moreover, this strategy is also good for RNG roulettes, since mathematically everything has already been calculated, no matter how you download the variance, RNG, and issuing “0” zero too often is useless. Everything is too well thought out – the chips are well located and counted, and this is what we have:

What the system itself looks like:

We take the smallest chip at the table and place 4 bets from top to bottom along the first 6xline. We do not put the last (lower) split, respectively, on the sixline itself, too. Zero is also closed with one chip.

лучшая страта

Then we repeat the same with the remaining 5 sixlines. On the third column we put down 2 nominal units.

Then between these rows we set 5 units for 5 corners (4-5-8-7.10-11-14-13.16-17-20-19.22-23-26-25.28-29-32-31 ), which, as it were, accentuate the first column, but actually reinforce the second column.

стратегия лучшая

The only weak point remains the numbers 1 and 34.35. We close the unit with a split with zero with one chip, and 34.35 is that missing link, called the house advantage, the only drawback in this system. But what to do, but the previous wins not only cover our losses, but also confidently take us forward in terms of balance. When the third column falls out, we lose 20 chips, the second +28 chips, the first +1 chip. When “Zero” rolls, we are also in the black by 1 chip.

As practice shows, after a series of falling out of the third row, it is possible to increase the bets – the very accent of 5 corner chips on +1 chip of the same denomination (+5 units one bet). And then,
as soon as 2 or 1 row falls out a couple of times, you can again remove this increase.

The best strategy for playing roulette:

I just want to tell you that there is no better roulette strategy.

In truth, these are some of the most famous keywords used by various roulette players to find something that can win roulette. If you are looking for “the best roulette strategy”, then you can never find something good.

So Google showed me a list of sites that I explored one by one, so there really is nothing! I can also say that they are talking about both live and online roulette here.

By the way, this scam currently has a large network based on roulette forums, so just check, what should be avoided. For my part, I gave you some information, but if you want to find more, take a look at Google.

When it comes to online roulette, I recommend that you focus on two things related: free roulette systems and free roulette software. Also I believe that it won’t be a problem to get some paid roulette software, and that’s only if it’s capable of running interesting types of roulette strategies.

Now about the available roulette software.

Currently, there is only Roulette Lucker Pro, which is able to play specific roulette systems and can be viewed and is open source.

анализатор рулетки казино

Of course, we can find more such roulette programs, but I recommend that you stop at it, only because everyone can play any roulette systems from the same Internet.

If you’re looking for something easy to use, any blog article available on will do the trick.

Verdict on the best roulette strategy:
In conclusion, let’s say that no one will help you for free and do not forget that 99% of all available roulette sites are a scam.

Be careful! There is no best roulette strategy.

If someone wants to offer you the best roulette strategy for free, just ask yourself if this is a roulette scam. In conclusion, I want to tell you that in order to play the best roulette strategy, you will need the best roulette software. Also be careful because in many cases the best roulette strategy can lead to big scams, so check the 2022 roulette scam lists.

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