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Hello gamers! Are you ready to tear apart the roulette wheel in an online casino? Me too, and just recently I learned about the Spanish roulette system, which is most often called not spanish, but for some reason send ruleta.

Few people are familiar with this system, although she is quite old and she guarantees a gain of about 60 dollars / hour with few losses. But you need to be prepared for the fact that the initial deposit will be at least $185. The profit is known to be approximately $630 for every $1,000 turnover. Let’s get to the point.

Algorithm of actions on the Spanish Ruleta roulette system.

Go to your favorite online casino, open the roulette wheel and start betting. Bets must be made so that they stand on 30 numbers (six zero and one six line must remain). Bet either on numbers from 1 to 18 and on the third dozen, or on numbers from 19 to 36 and on the first dozen. That’s all.

How to bet?

So, we figured out the algorithm of actions, the matter remains small.

1 bet: bet $3 on low or high numbers and $2 on a dozen. If the bet wins, then you will receive 1 dollar of net profit. If you lose, then go to the second bet. Here’s an example for you:


система рулетки казино поле

Bet 2: Bet $9 on low or high numbers and $6 on a dozen. If the bet wins, then repeat it again, and then your profit will again be $ 1. Of course, you can repeat this bet three times to increase your profit, but keep in mind that the risks of “burning out” are also increasing for you. If you lose here, then make a third bet.

Bet 3: bet $33 on the numbers you choose and don’t forget the dozen: bet $22 on it. If the bet wins, then repeat it, and then you will receive 1 dollar of profit. If the bet does not play, then read on what to do.
Bet 4: Bet $74 on your chosen numbers and bet $36 on a dozen. In order to make a profit, you need the bet to play 3 times in a row.

If all four bets lose, then you will lose your $185. If any bet has played, then you need to return to the very first bet.


You can replace the $2 dozen bets with bets on several six lines from that dozen. This maneuver can give you more chances to win as he can close numbers more flexibly (it depends on the “weakness” of the line).

After each loss, you need to do “reverse-bet” (if you bet on numbers from 1 to 18 and on the third dozen, then your next bet should look like this: bets on numbers from 19 to 36 and on the first dozen). As you know, your chances of winning increase, because. the chances of losing are reduced by as much as 4 times!

Roulette system – what other ways can you ruin a casino?

Roulette System – it is a set of rules and strategies that are designed to help the player win at roulette and beat the casino. Many people who want to make money on gambling often look for various systems and strategies that can help them in this matter.

Casinos are organizations that make big money on gambling, but they also take part in the development of roulette systems and strategies. However, not all of these systems are worthy and effective. There are ways that allow a player to win at roulette and ruin the casino.


гора денег рулетка

The first and most obvious way is to use the win roulette system. To use the win roulette system, the player must know how the game works and how the roulette works. The win roulette system offers a certain strategy that allows the player to predict the outcome of the game with higher accuracy.

Some of these systems include Martingale, D’Alembert and Fibonacci.

And these are not systems, but just progressions, but still let’s analyze them.

Martingale is a very well-known system, which is based on doubling the bets after each loss. This means that the player must increase his bet after each loss until
until he starts winning. After the player has won, he must return to the initial bet.

The D’Alembert method is another popular system based on the principle of changing the bet depending on the outcome of the game. The stakes increase after each loss and decrease after each win.

Fibonacci method – is a mathematical system based on the Fibonacci number sequence. The player must follow a certain sequence of bets, determined by these numbers. This system also encourages the player to bet more after a loss and less after a win.

The second way that can help a player win at roulette is it is the use of the ability to manage their finances. This is one of the most beneficial options for players because managing a player’s finances is the key to a successful roulette game. Some players exclude their personal life or any expenses, or bring them to psychological exhaustion, losing all their finances on the game.
To prevent this from happening, the player must set a limit for their bets and stick to it, even if an unforeseen losing streak occurs.

A third way that can help a roulette player is to use data-driven systems such as the two-thirds method on which our Roulette Lucker Pro software is based.

Finally, be sure to watch the video on other roulette systems – “Zero Patience” is also a very tricky kind of game.

Well, Today your roulette strategy pool has replenished again, which means that you are one step closer to your future winnings. All successful games!


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