About the program

Roulette Lucker – Tested by Many Players!


About the program
Development of 2008 – Roulette Lucker (RL) program for playing European roulette. The best roulette algorithms are only inside this utility!

For those who do not want to read a lot of text, I will briefly describe the advantages of the Roulette Lucker program:

– thanks to a flexible system of bets and taking into account the probabilities of falling out of certain combinations based on the total statistics, the program allows you to reduce the probability of losing the entire bank to 1 out of 500 (1 out of 1000 –
depending on the table limit and the size of the bets);

– you can try the program completely free of charge (limited to 300 drawn numbers, otherwise the functionality is the same as in the paid version!);

– during testing, starting with $ 15, I won more than $ 350 in 10 days (playing 4-5 hours a day, 5-
6 days a week) and if I hadn’t been busy with other things, I could have won this amount in a week.


roulette lucker

The program interface is very light and convenient for playing roulette. It is more than a simple number prediction strategy based on the calculation of patterns. These codes use distortions in the counting – an algorithm for adapting to the roulette track, as well as fluctuations in the frequency of the variance of bets.

Roulette Lucker (RL) – installation and configuration.


продукт roulette lucker software

Roulette Lucker has a standard .exe extension shell that can be installed on many operating systems without any problem.

Installation literally takes place in 3 clicks:
скачать roulette lucker из письма на почте

1. Download the package using the link from the letter that arrived immediately after filling out the “TRY THE PROGRAM FOR FREE RIGHT NOW” form and run the installation file on your computer.

About the program

2. Select a free directory for installation. Make sure that the amount of occupied space is sufficient on your hard disk. The size of the program is 3.82 megabytes.

About the program

3. That’s it! The utility has successfully initialized and is ready to run.

About the program



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