Roul Stat (RS) ver. 1.092 – program inspector for roulette.

программа Roul Stat


Graphic program for tracking roulette in the online casino “Roul Stat” (RS) ver. 1.092

Description of the roulette program

Roul Stat Online Inspector, one of the professional programs cherished for an incruler (a person who makes money by winning an online casino at roulette). Therefore, in its priorities, it goes apart, because gives a special vision of the roulette table. This is a good tool that makes your analytical work easier and creates comfortable conditions for winning online casinos. Comprehensive data analysis, taking into account the results of previous spins, gives an undeniable advantage in using systems and project progressions.

All the necessary calculations have already been done for you. In this program, winning at the casino is carried out according to the principle of obtaining maximum profit with minimal investment!

The use of adaptive bet optimization algorithms that take into account the peculiarities of the casino server operation ensures the probability of a favorable outcome at a level of at least 98%. In addition, it provides visualization of the results of data processing in the form of diagrams, indicators, including control of the drop of the ball by sectors of the roulette wheel (all the “outcasts” of the casino server are on your PC screen). RoulStat online roulette software takes care of all this, and you – have fun! Oh, by the way, I almost forgot…

For that, so that you can get this program, leave your comment on the blog or read this post to the end, after which you will see a download link.

How to use the program?

программа RoulStat 1.092

In the control panel, we enter the results of the roulette spin, then, when a game combination occurs, we make one of the proposed bets. If we do not hit, then we continue to progress through the tables that appear when you click the “add-ons” tab in this word document. We get a win and with a new occurrence of a game combination, we make a new cycle.

In order to facilitate the work with the program, here are some practical tips for you:

1. First of all, unnecessary excitement must be left outside the casino. The program has already taken into account all the mistakes that you can make during the game. Professional roulette for the investor – this is a business system that can give you the opportunity to earn.

2. For the maximum chance of success, you should choose a betting range between $0 and $10 or between $0 and $150. It all depends on the casino where you play. Before you decide on the size of the bet, select the type of game.

3. Before a new session, try running a few dozen idle spins. Do not pay attention to the recommendations issued by the program regarding rates. To make trial spins, use the “Non Bet” mode. You have the right to regulate the number of sessions per day.

Much depends not only on you. The situation at the online casino table, your actions and decisions, as well as the actions of the casino server itself, play a big role. It is recommended not to conduct more than two sessions in one day. It is also desirable not to make more than 200 spins during one session, because there is a large spread of numbers and certain sectors of the roulette do not appear for a long time.

программа инспектор рулетки Roul Stat

You must have at least $300 on your casino account. The business system guarantees a certain degree of profitability at a rate of $50 per hundred spins. Depending on the choice of bet size, the minimum size of the current game balance must be at least $85. Never take a loan when performing game actions. Also, refuse various kinds of bonuses.

Remember, there is no way to withdraw bonuses from the casino account. If you take the offered bonuses, you may run into limits or obligations. I described in more detail about bonuses here. It makes no sense to talk about cheese and a mousetrap, everything has already been said in the article about bonuses. Before, how to make a deposit to the account, it is better to unsubscribe by chat or e-mail that you are waiving the bonus system. Carefully read the description of the online inspector RoulStat, as well as the rules of the casino. The program presents a system of guarantees for winnings ranging from 66 to 98%.

When working with the “Recommendations of game combinations”, you should not take the first line that comes across. There are usually several of them. They are compiled as a result of careful optimization of the algorithms of the online inspector. Ideally, the investor can choose the combination he needs.

This choice is based solely on the experience of the encruler, that is, you. Online inspector Roul Stat, and the program itself is designed and guaranteed to work exclusively in European casinos. It is not recommended to use software tools for other types of roulette. Unfriendly actions on the part of the administration are possible. Do not use the services of only one casino.
Invest in several establishments at once. This will only increase your profits.

The main features of the normal mode

– After starting a series of bets, the winnings are usually achieved in the range from 1 to 3 steps.
– Alternation in the main area of ​​the results of colored rectangles in the areas of dozens and columns (formed when not falling out in a row at least 4-
x times) has a pronounced diagonal character (“herringbone”) or an outwardly chaotic arrangement of “X” signs in the same zones.

— Relatively calm behavior of the zero, i.e. when the repetition period of zero is more than 30 spins.
— The presence of constant dropouts, of course, pseudo-random numbers in all 6 (six) imaginary symmetrical sectors of the indicator 2 (3 each to the left and to the right of zero).

индикаторы программы для рулетки Roul Stat

Indicator 1. An indicator diagram in the form of an expanded roulette wheel (from “0” to the left and to the right), showing the ball falling by sectors online for the entire session. When you hover the mouse, all information about the sector is displayed.

Indicator 2. An indicator chart similar to the first one, but showing losses for the last 20 spins of the session.

indicator 3. An indicator diagram showing the results of calculating the standard deviations of the zero recurrence period in a given session (the indicator turns on automatically when the “Dynamic analysis of zero statistics” mode is activated).

Indicator 4. Chart-indicator showing NOT HAPPENING of all 11 lines (zones of 6 numbers) in the current session. Main results area. A table that contains the results of spins for ALL BET OBJECTS using graphic elements.

Practice shows:
Protracted series of non-losses are generally a common thing, and here the values ​​\u200b\u200bcan reach 14-30 spins! The most “favorite zones” are Red, Black, Even and Odd,
Less and More – just the same notorious “Equal chances”.

Zero’s behavior can definitely be considered absolutely not random! zero is the main trump card of the casino. The zero repetition period in normal mode can be in the range of 30 spins.

Activation of online casino server countermeasures algorithms

The Roul Stat inspector has all the tools to control the distribution of combinations in individual sectors. Signs of the normal mode of operation of the casino server are as follows: – after one or three steps, winnings on bets are allowed; – Loss of Zero is relatively calm (no more than once in 30 spins); – the presence of permanent fallout in each of the six sectors.

If the incruler notices a deviation from the above signs, then this means that the server has begun to activate the countermeasure. A high-level professional in this situation would simply go into standby mode until the server returns to normal. If violations of the normal operation of the server are detected, the series of current bets should be correctly completed without fuss. It is recommended to close the session and completely exit the casino program.

After that, you need to take a break in the game to restore normal mode. Further, during the current day, we do not open a new session in the same casino, but go to earn money in another where we have sufficient deposits to play. Or we can trace: if the normal operation of the server is suddenly restored, then we continue the further game. If the process of restoring normal operation in this casino is delayed, then for a while you need to stop working in it altogether. To make it immediately clear, let’s see how to win roulette with this program: (download link)

Sincerely, Anton Rukhlin.

программа RoulStat 1.092


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