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Roulette Lucker – program for online roulette

Roulette program

Roulette Lucker - online roulette software

– A powerful software tool for professional casino games, maximizes your “streak of luck” and protects you from losing.

– All my experience is invested here in the board game – roulette. And believe me, you yourself will be surprised when you see the first winning money from the Internet establishment.

Roulette Lucker uses a more profitable system that changes depending on the game situation.

– Using the program is convenient and very beneficial. Because it contains accurate statistics that display the best betting results.

The main thing to note is that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. And the terms of distribution of the program allow it, you can just try and then you may not even have to spend your money to buy the program – you can win it with its own help!

Roulette is a table game in which the house edge is very small, only 2.7% of the bet amount. That is, theoretically, the chances of the player and the casino are almost equal, which means that the probability of winning is quite high. In addition, the probability of winning is easy to calculate, unlike slot machines, where the advantage of the casino can reach up to 40%, and the player can never know what his chances of winning are.

Roulette Lucker uses a more profitable system that changes depending on the game situation.

In this case, the program decides for the player how much and when to bet. That is, it eliminates the human factor, which is the cause of errors in the game.

The proposed program, unfortunately, does not give an absolutely guaranteed permanent win, but it is able to maximize your “streak of luck” and, unlike common game systems, can save you from a big loss.

But you can’t win absolutely roulette, but you can get lucky.

Anyone familiar with mathematics knows this! And for this you need to adhere to three basic rules:

  1. you should play only European roulette (with one zero);
  2. never take bonuses at a casino, as there is not enough luck to win them back.

This rule does not apply to no deposit bonuses – they are certainly worth taking, since you do not lose anything, and the chance to win them back with this program is 1 out of 5;

  1. do not play for a long time in one casino and it is advisable not to return after the withdrawal of money (the second time, the win is several times less often than the first, which speaks in favor of the assumption of “playing along” with new players).

It is better to test the program in the game for real money, since when playing on “candy wrappers” you lose part of your possible winnings (even if the casino smooths out the values ​​of the random number generator, a streak of bad luck may still appear), therefore, it is better to try playing at the lowest stakes, risking losing $ 5-10, than playing for free.

software allows you to win at the casino

The most important point

The main criterion is the bet limit – it is written about it in the manual. Also, honesty control using an MD5 hash will not be superfluous. It is better to choose a casino from the proven ones, the sites of which are better checked for conscientiousness by special services belonging to the gambling industry network.

Of course, among the above, it is advisable to change casinos as often as possible, since there is a suspicion that with frequent winnings, the casino may change the algorithm for a certain player.

And from here two more rules follow

  1. if you win more than twice the size of the pot with which you came to the casino (provided that that it was in the sizes recommended below) it is advisable to withdraw money and continue playing in another casino;
  2. if you have been winning for a long enough time and want to “raise the stakes”, then it is better not to go to the table with high limits in this casino, but withdraw money and play in casinos with higher minimum limits (for example, instead of a casino, where at the low limits the minimum bet is 1 cent, go to the casino with the minimum bet 10 cents).


The principle of winning when using the Roulette Lucker program is that the probability of losing funds in the bank is reduced from 1000 to 1 (for example, with a simple doubling, the probability of losing the same pot at the same limits is reduced from 60 to 1). If you consistently lose in one case out of a thousand, you will win a little and lose part of the funds due to zero. But the fact is that such a rare event does not arise stably and in one case out of 5 it may not occur at all, and over 3000 numbers either appear only 2-3 times (or even less), thanks to which the player is in a big plus – it is important to quit the game (make the so-called stop loss) when he stops being lucky and more than half of the winnings are lost (and if lucky too long, it is better to stop after losing 10% of the winnings).

That is why software can easily maximize the results, and unlike common gaming systems, the casino will not be detected. In turn, the program controls you from a major loss.

I myself use this program, and here are my screenshots of payments, as well as some reviews from satisfied customers:

It’s comfortable!

The main difference of the “Roulette Lucker” program from existing programs and all kinds of “packages” that offer a pig in a poke is that you can try the program for free for 300 spins before you buy it! Just download and start using it.

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