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The program Roulette Lucker - more win at roulette

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You can download and try out the software "Roulette Lucker" absolutely free. During the trial period, as opposed to other similar programs, it uses the same algorithm as the paid version - limited time only use. Free trial can be used only 300 spins. That's enough to understand the interface and decide whether to buy the program.

A detailed description of the program can be found in the section Guide. To view work of program can watch this video:

Unlike similar clips in this video is not a quick win. This video contains real process of game where there is a loss because of bad luck (early) and win 30% of the amount in the account after 50 minutes of play.

The program "Roulette Lucker" uses a special algorithm by which the program helps to play a long time and it does not increase the house edge. For example, the Martingale, if it is used to double for 1000 spins, leads to the fact that the house edge is 20%, and the program "Roulette Lucker" under the same conditions, keeps the house edge in the range 5-6%. Therefore, using the program increases the chances of the player to win in the long game.

If you play more aggressive strategy when the bank doubled in a few dozen spins, the player is too keen on the game and can not stop until he loses everything.

In addition, the program "Roulette Lucker", showed the best results when playing in a casino than in software testing. This may be due to the fact that some casinos will smooth out the results of the random number generator, so as not to scare the newbies too large deviations from the average probability of occurrence of different combinations. The fact that casinos are sometimes configure their software so that the advantage was on the side of the player, often described in the Internet, and write about it authoritative users. And it is quite likely - that attracts players and the casino does not accept losses, because the popular system lead to losing the player because they are too aggressive. A program of   "Roulette Lucker" in such cases helps to win, because its algorithm is suitable for the use of this advantage.

But in any case, the program "Roulette Lucker" increases the chances of winning players, and many users agree that when using this program for the first time they managed to win in a casino, and before that they almost always lost.

Roulette Lucker e-mail: part@rulettehelper.net