Roulette Xtreme is a software system constructor for playing casino roulette.

рулет экстрим конструктор систем игры в рулетку программа


Greetings friends! Today, I finally got to the review of an interesting incruler tool, which I came across not long ago and made an indelible impression. And so, let’s go!

Thanks to the multifunctional program called “Roulette Xtreme”, you can invent and test your own various roulette schemes. Players create their strategy, conduct a test and study statistics. In addition, Roulette Xtreme allows you to enter the number manually or import the spin history. The result obtained is configured according to several parameters.

“Roulette Xtreme” is currently considered the best of its kind.

She has no equal. Many users who once try to work with the system can no longer do without it. In this article, we will take a closer look at Roulette Xtreme, what it is and why it is needed at all.

Roulette Xtreme Expert Review

конструктор систем игры в рулетку RX

Many experts agree that the constructor is powerful and multifunctional of all that have ever been presented on the network. The program has the following characteristics:

1. Built-in system editor and debugger, where projects and strategies are created;
2. Automatic generation of spins up to one million,
to test different systems in longrun;
3. Ability to manually enter spins and import history from a test file;
4. Built-in set of fifty developed strategies;
5.Diagram and graph;
7. Wheel sector: it is possible to create adjacent and intersecting sections;
8. Saving projects and game rates.

Also included in Roulette Xtreme is the following:

1.Standard deviation;
2.Average value;
3. Minimum and maximum number of occurrences;
4.Number of repetitions and intervals;
5. The number of occurrences of “before” and “after”.

Despite the above advantages, the program has some disadvantages. They include:

1.Only supports three languages;
2. In order to do a job, such as writing scripts, you will need to fully learn programming.

As you can see, there are only two drawbacks. And the benefits completely cover them. On the other side, it will be useful for the player to learn a new foreign language. And the basics of programming are very useful.

In turn, Edwerk wrote that roulette systems allow him to make more than five hundred chips. And it’s all thanks to the authoritative roulette simulator Roulette Xtreme 2.0. He also has a software license. So everything is official. This gives the player even more confidence.

The Roulette Xtreme program is also equipped with various bots. They are in the list of online casinos. For example, there is a bot that reads roulette numbers and places bets according to a pre-prepared strategy. In addition, it is possible to calibrate the number recognition. Often the player needs it, if suddenly the story was read incorrectly. The bot, as it were, creates human behavior by adding “random” bets and predictions, as well as removing them from the table. It is also allowed to create and store a profile of all players for various online casinos, as well as chips and limits.

программа конструктор систем игры в рулетку roulette xtreme

File upload

A program called “Roulette Xtreme” was released under license from Unsoftware. Its cost is 29 United States dollars. If you buy the program along with built-in bots, then the cost is 29 US dollars.

Program impression

The game systems in Roulette Xtreme are highly rated by experts. It acts as an indispensable tool for players to play in the casino calmly and comfortably. There you can create and test various interesting progressions and roulette strategies.

The programming language in which “Roulette Xtreme” is written has surpassed many programs several times over. The developers recommend first testing the strategy using a virtual simulator. You need to do this before you burn real credit. So the player will better understand the specifics of the Roulette Xtreme program, better understand it and become a confident user. In addition, he will understand where he most often makes mistakes. And it won’t do that in a real game.

Players should not spare money for the Roulette Xtreme program. They pay off quickly. In addition, the user saves money on testing strategies. All in all, the Roulette Xtreme program is one of the best at the moment. Why is that? Yes, all because we consider Roulette Lucker Pro to be the absolute best utility for roulette, in which many systems that have already been tested on 10,000 spins, they are tactics, they are methods …

However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. And if you still doubt whether it is worth purchasing a license, then we advise you to get acquainted with the comments of the user on the Internet. They are extremely positive. So you will understand that the Roulette Xtreme program has really exceeded all expectations, has become an indispensable tool, without which it is impossible to do. By the way, On this site you can download it for free:


roulette xtreme программа


“Roulette Xtreme” has both advantages and disadvantages. However, the pros far outweigh the cons. We have seen this in our review. True, in order to use the program, you must carefully study the basics of programming. However, it will not be superfluous, because with such knowledge many roads open up. And not only in the world of games. Thanks to the program, a person can develop various strategies and put them into practice. This is not only an exciting activity, but also a profitable one.



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