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If you see this page, then you are really serious about becoming a real online roulette pro.

The knowledge prepared by me is unique and invaluable. something similar on the Internet and “you can’t sit with fire for a century”, especially if this material is free. I will try in a nutshell and in several articles to give the most complete picture of such a direction as an investor-incruler and roulette mining in an online casino with the possibility of earning and receiving a certain percentage of winnings from each account.

For a little peek into future letters, which will come to you with a frequency of once a week, I have brought a number of articles from my blog that will help you quickly get used to what’s what, and prepare you to start going through this extraordinary process. So, all closed articles are here:


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This guide contains information for both beginners and more experienced players. It will teach you how to become a more successful roulette player. It doesn’t promise you unrealistic get-rich-quick schemes, but offers simple, direct, logical and most importantly human advice that will make your roulette games more profitable.
In this complete guide, you will find answers to the following questions:

– The attitude that the player needs to take if he wants to become more successful
– Using probability theory and statistics to increase your chances
– Search for suitable tools to calculate probability and standard deviation
– How to use Roulette Lucker v.1.24 in practice
– Money management (BRM incruler)
– Methods and strategy of playing roulette
– Some interesting references and further reading. The psychology of gambling

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